About Us

Welcome to Senior Living Headquarters!

Senior Living Headquarters is an online business where we have answers and resources for moving into a retirement community. You can learn from our blogs, Youtube videos and podcasts.

Our Story

Before we started Senior Living Headquarters, we opened a family food truck and catering business which we still run to this day. With my wife having over 30 years in the service industry, we have a pulse on the needs of people.

We decided to diversify a little bit more and start another business because now we have the time since our kids are young adults.

We bought the domain name Seniorlivingheadquarters in 2019.  The site was slow to take off like most but we are seeing consistent growth.

So how did we go from the service industry to senior living (retirement community)?

A few years ago my parents started another phase of their lives. My parents were downsizing and in need of a community to start their Senior Living. Although still active, they wanted a smaller house and a lot less maintenance.

We started doing our homework, and what a task it was. The resources were scattered everywhere and the terminology was confusing. Finding the right answers for all our questions were very time consuming. Thus a need to help Seniors with answers to their questions about moving to a Retirement Community and every day life.

Being a homeowner in a retirement community, there is a lot of knowledge to share. We now have the opportunity to act on it. As we build out the business there will be many resources to learn from.

  • Retirement Community
  • Product Information
  • Protecting Your Families Treasure
  • And More

As the business grows you can expect more resources on our podcast and Youtube channel.