Steven Abbey

My Education & Work

I have an Associates Degree as an Electrical Technician. It took me many years of night school to achieve it. I would work full-time during the day than make it to college from 6pm-10pm. That was a grueling time. It did pay off as I continued with my full time job and got promoted after I received my degree. With over thirty years in the manufacturing industry, I’ve learned many specialty processes in electronics.

Fortunately, my company was very good and let me adjust my hours as my wife and I had our two kids. Our family embarked on our biggest adventure yet. We started our family food truck and catering business. What a great and scary learning experience of starting your own business. We are still running our successful business to date.

A few years ago I helped my parents move into their Retirement Community and quickly found out we had a ton of questions and not a good resource for the answers. This is how Senior Living Headquarters came to evolve. We started our website in 2019.

Each month we see Senior Living Headquarters grow. There is so much information on such a growing industry that we know this site will be a great central headquarters for people 55 and older moving to a retirement community.

My Personal Story

I grew up in Rochester, N.Y. with my parents and my sister. From about the age of 16 my life consisted of a lot of working as a cook in a restaurant, music and shenanigans with my friends.

I met my wife senior year in high school and got married in 1994. We had our daughter Brianna and in then 3 years later we had my son Michael. Without a doubt they are our life. It’s so amazing to see them grow and be successful. We are definitely PROUD parents.

Here’s a quote for you “A Family That Works Together Stays Together”. With the four of us working together in our family business, there is no better test of love and cooperation.

We are moving into another phase of our life with the kids away more than their home. There is a little more time to start new businesses and take on another adventure. With owning a home in a retirement community, I can’t wait to see the journey Senior Living Headquarters takes us.